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Have you or someone close to you ever experienced psychological and emotional symptoms such as depression, anxiety, irritability, hopelessness, financial issues or marital discord; found yourself asking, “What is going on, who is this person, what's the matter with me?” Well, there are identifiable reasons and solutions that can help. There are usually issues in our past (or present) that did not resolve that so shows up in our present. The willingness to grow and change, takes maturity and courage.  Counseling goal is to help one to become happier, more content and secure, and more effective and graceful intrapersonal satisfaction.


Remember how your friendships/ relationships in childhood were built around fun, excitement, and enjoying others’ company? Many adult relationships lack those elements today. There should be laughter, playfulness, sharing of feelings, respect, safety, trust, and connectedness in an intimate relationship. 

Three Areas That Block Intimacy

  1. Unresolved personal issues
  2. Relationships baggage
  3. Poor communication

With intimacy, there is a risk to being vulnerable and most of us don't like it!

The goal is to have an openness and IN-TO-ME-SEE (intimacy). Couples therapy teaches skills and principles necessary to heal old resentments and learn to communicate, be more respectful and responsible to your spouse but responsible for yourself.

Family Counseling

A parent or primary caretaker must be present and participate in all sessions.

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